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I've been blogging off and on since it became a thing in college, but I was always seeking to conform to some topic, some purpose for my content and gab. In college it was a running diary of angsty thoughts, complete with horrible poetry. In early motherhood it was seeking to share my experiences with child rearing (Many Adventures of Motherhood). In my early 30s I jumped on the fashion beauty blog trend (Pink Hair Floosie's Style Guide). None of these things fulfilled my true need to just soothe my soul by writing about the things that are on my mind, when they are on my mind. The global pandemic has left me basically jobless, with a child at home struggling with distance learning, and I needed something to do that actually brings me joy. Thus, Mandie's Not So Secret Diary was born.

My name is Mandie Brooks. I'm 38 and I live outside of Baltimore, MD. I love shoes, champagne and lipsense. I have a lot of degrees I don't use. I'm formerly in corporate finance lackey, a secondary engineering teacher, the CEO of a consulting business, a digital instructional designer, a fundraising guru and elementary school room mom. I'm an amature writer and a professional bad speller. Welcome to my world.

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