Daring to Dream: Scotland Part 1

Photo by Connor Mollison on Unsplash

To be honest I'm probably not going to Scotland. I only sort of liked London. To be fair Selfridge's might be my patronus and afternoon tea delightful, I didn't love much else. I assume we'll return when Scarlett has embraced her future as a full on geeky nerd scholar, who simply must see the Rosetta Stone for herself. It’s April who wants to go to Scotland. You remember April from Friday’s post on Zoom Etiquette. But this isn’t about April or about Scotland. It’s about daring to dream. Dreaming of the world as we hope it will be when the pandemic hopefully ends. It’s about whether or not escapism is a good thing. I will make, I think, a strong argument to why planning trips you may never take or may just be really far away can make our pandemic lives a little better. Actually this is a great thing to do regardless of the state of the world.

I asked some women in a travel fashion group how I could get excited about my next trip to Paris knowing it could be really far out. They responded that Paris should be exciting in it's own right and if it isn't then you should choose a different destination. Fork off (any The Good Place lovers here?), was the response in my head. Instead I tried to justify to strangers on the internet my request. Paris is my spirit animal, of course I am excited, but I now know they were just delusional about how far away it was. How can we get excited when we don't know when we'll get to enjoy our hard earned vacations? By the time I go to Paris, Birkenstocks might be back in style. Oh wait that already happened. Where does the torture stop 2020? Where?

My answer is to plan. I said in the “end” of my Paris series that I couldn’t really give you my future itinerary or my wardrobe, but that’s a lie. I can’t give you my exact itinerary but I have three versions based on three different budgets and three different wardrobes planned depending on the weather. At the time I planned these things I was really excited, even knowing that October 2021 may not be when we make it. The trip we purchased in an auction has a hard expiration date of January 2022. Ideally it won’t be a close call. What if we don’t make it? We can’t get a refund, it was for a great charity, and we’ll be ok that. Though we'll be less ok with having to start a Paris fund afresh.

But now what? I am so over planning Disney, I have four trips on the books and there’s no point in planning them until we know if they’re making any permanent changes. There’s a difference in daring to dream and banging your head against the wall. Spreadsheets be damned. If you don’t get that reference then you’re unaware how much work goes into a Disney vacation. 13 tab spreadsheets, is light planning. Which is of course why we expect there to be changes. I know this is shocking, sit down for this, but some people don’t like making 13 tab spreadsheets! This was a very long winded way of saying rather than following my plan of doing a series on Cruising and then Disney. I am taking a 2021 detour and we’re going to plan a fictional dream trip for April in Scotland in 2022. Complete with an itinerary full of history and adventure, the perfect capsule wardrobe, a budget, and of course some crowd-sourced advice!

This won’t happen overnight as we are going to do this right. I am going to do the research, ask the questions, make the spreadsheets, so stay tuned. Please share with me if you have any advice or tips on Scotland. We may also consider a larger UK trip. Who knows what could happen, because we’re daring to dream. Maybe I'll go after all.

I am wearing a green utility winter coat, Paige split ankle jeans, a black turtle neck long sleeve shirt, a gold paperclip link necklace, Sorel Joan of Arctic boots (these probably aren't the best choice for Scotland due to the wedge), Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack, and a tan canvas duffel.

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