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DAS in Action: Disney at its Best

I posted a few weeks ago about how the new DAS registration process works. I am going to follow that post up with a review on how it works when you’re in the parks. First a quick review. DAS stands for Disability Access Service. DAS allows for those who cannot wait in line to wait outside of the line. To be clear it is not a jump to the front of the line service for anyone with a disability and lines are wheelchair accessible so it’s not for mobility concerns. Usually it’s unseen disabilities that prevent certain individuals from being able to wait in the line que. So how does it work?

First, if you pre-register you can book an advanced DAS selection which functions like a lighting lane. You have a one hour window to use this pass, unlike other DAS return times that never expire. You can not select rides that are individual lighting lane purchase rides like Rise of the Resistance. You can only make selections at the park you have your park reservation for that day. Like the old FastPass+ system it doesn’t matter if you plan on park hopping you can only choose advance selections for one park. These selections to not impact your ability to make another DAS selection nor do they impact your ability to use Genie+.

Once you are in the parks a button will appear in MDE (My Disney Experience App) that says DAS and it will allow you to navigate the service. Upon entering a park it will give you the option to select which ride’s que you wish to enter. Whatever the current stand by time is posted for that ride is how long you must wait to ride that ride. At the end of that period you can return to the ride and use the lighting lane entrance. The return time does not expire, so if you were to go and eat or go to a show while you wait you can return after your time comes up.

You will have the ability to select which members of your party, who have already been linked in MDE, will join the guest with the DAS pass. When you arrive at the ride, the guest with the DAS pass will need to scan in first and the cast members will look at the guest's picture they have on file. Then the rest of the party can tap in as well. After the party has tapped into the second scanning station (there is one at the entrance to the lightning lane and one right before entering the ride) a new DAS selection can be made.

Once in the park you can select any ride or attraction that has a lightning lane, including the paid individual lighting lanes, like anyone else you have the option to wait. Like everyone else, the wait for those rides can be very very long. You can only have one DAS selection at a time. Pairing DAS with Genie+ is a great way to get more rides in when you have a family member unable to wait in line. If you have a DAS selection with a long wait, like Rise of the Resistance, you could use Genie+ to access another ride’s lighting lane while you wait for your DAS return time.

There are limitations to the system depending on you or your family members' particular needs. For example let’s look at Haunted Mansion. Let’s say you have a family member with severe claustrophobia. The stretch room is probably a problem for them and the lightning lane starts right before there. Disney is really wonderful about trying to make accommodations as best they can to address specific disabilities so you can skip the stretch room. However, there is a bottleneck after the stretch room where guests are funneled in to get in the ride vehicles and would be equally problematic. This particular ride does have another entrance and if you believe you need it please speak with a cast member.

In general you should speak to a cast member about any of your concerns, if it is in their power they will do their best to help. If you are unfamiliar with a ride and you know your family member with the disabilities' triggers, ask. Be polite, use people’s names, and understand there is only so much power in the hands of any one cast member. Don’t take it out on them if what you want or need is beyond their control. There are some experiences we as a family just can’t do and that’s ok. Disney is still epic, every single time.

If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to ask me. With me as your travel advisor you will always be up to date on the latest Disney policies, procedures and news. Email me at or find me on Facebook at Magical Vacation Planner by Amanda Brooks

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