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Disney's DAS Pass: The Pre-Registration Expereince

First, what is DAS? For those who don’t know it’s Disney’s Disability Access Service. DAS is for those who can’t wait in line for various disabilities, often ones that are unseen. DAS isn’t for those who can not stand in line for mobility reasons, as every line is wheelchair accessible and those that aren’t do have a special entrance. There are many reasons some people can’t wait in line from gastrointestinal reasons to anxiety and beyond. I will say this is not a required ADA accommodation so Disney does have the right to ask why the guest can’t wait in the line and make a decision. If you’re not sure, you can always call Disney and ask.

Second, how does one obtain a DAS pass? In the past you went to guest services and you would explain why you think a guest in your party needs one and a cast member will make a decision, take a photograph of the guest who needs the DAS pass. Then they make a change in My Disney Experience (MDE) account to allow you to access the service. Disney has recently added the ability to pre-register via online chat. Unfortunately, this can be a long process. If you log on right at 7 am on a weekday, you’re likely to get help quickly. The problem is the person who needs the pass must be present to have their photograph handy. This makes it tricky for parents at work or kids at school. I recommend trying at 7 am on a weekend rather than in the evening where you may sit on hold and never get help. The chat is open from 7 am to 10 pm and you may need to log in repeatedly but your place in line won’t be lost when you do so. You can do the registration 30 days in advance and it is good for 60 days.

Once the cast member is ready to help you they ask for a video chat. Much like the experience in the parks, it is a similar conversation. The cast member will ask you why a member of the family needs the pass and makes a decision. I want to emphasize that often a DAS pass isn’t just in the best interest of the guest but often for other families in line around the guest or the cast members monitoring the line. Many times the guest has an invisible disability that those outside the family may not see. Fortunately you do not need to talk about the disability in front of the person who needs to pass. Many people, especially children, are not comfortable talking about their disabilities with strangers. After the registration goes through the next step is a little more complicated and you need to be prepared.

Third, how does DAS work? DAS does not allow you to simply skip the line. It allows you to wait outside of the line que. In the past, you walked up to the line entrance and a cast member tapped your magic band or card with a return time equal to the standby line time. That means if Flights of Passage has a two hour wait you can not return before two hours. You can not hold more than one DAS reservation at a time. So you can’t go and tap in to some other ride while you wait for your Flights of Passage DAS pass. You can eat, go to a show, shop, etc.

They have changed this system a bit and I haven’t decided yet if it’s better or worse. After video chatting with the cast member you are sent back to the chat where another cast member engages in pre-registration of DAS passes. This process is almost exactly like the old fast pass+ booking. You are able to pre-register for two rides on each day that you would not have to tap in and wait for. This sounds great but if you’re not waiting in any lines it’s very restrictive because you can’t book another until you have used both your pre-registristered passes. If you were able to get two in the morning this might work well but that is not always possible. I recommend making the reservation as close to 30 days as possible so you have more options. You could end up with a reservation around 6:30 pm, preventing you from booking another any sooner than that. This would be a great use of Genie+ to supplement additional lighting lane passes.

Once both of the pre-registered passes were used, you do not need to go to another ride to load your next pass, but you could do it directly in Disney’s MDE App. There will be a DAS section allowing you to make additional registrations one at a time. Just like before the DAS pass is based on the ride’s current wait time. DAS passes do not expire. If you don’t make your window you can go later. You can not go earlier.

Fourth, how does this work with Genie+, Individual Lightning Lane purchases, or virtual ques. I’ll work my way backwards. We’re getting conflicting information on the virtual queue for Remi’s Ratatouille Adventure, since there is no stand-by line, it is unclear if you can use a DAS pass to gain access to Remi without a virtual queue pass. I am waiting for a teammate of mine to confirm this directly. I am unwilling at this time to quote the blogs or planDisney which also seem to have conflicting information.

Individual Lighting Lane purchases are available for two rides in every park. You could purchase many of these in order to avoid waiting in lines and interrupting pre-registered DAS passes. You can book a DAS pass for these rides because there is a standby line without paying for them, but only after you use your first two passes. As I said before you may have some passes as late as 6:30 so this really wouldn’t work under those circumstances without paying for them. This will really depend on your schedule and priorities.

Ok well what about Genie+? You can use Genie+ with DAS. You can supplement your DAS lighting lane access with Genie+ lightning lane passes. However, you have very little control over when your Genie+ reservations are, and unlike your DAS passes you can’t use a Genie+ reservations outside of their time frame. Since you can purchase Genie+ one day at a time, I think that’s a wise decision if your DAS passes aren’t scheduled at ideal times.

Unfortunately this is complicated. If you want me to walk you though registration I am happy to do that, and of course I’ll keep you updated on how it actually plays out once we’re in the parks. As you know, I am always happy to help you book and plan a vacation. Reach out to me at or on Facebook.

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