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How You Doing?: Where I Have Been Lately

Photo by Marc Schaefer on Unsplash

I know it’s been a hot minute and let me tell you why I have been MIA. I started this blog last fall looking for something to do that brought me joy but didn’t prevent me from being the mom of a high risk kid experiencing anxiety over virtual learning and the general state of the world. Me and every other mother I know but my business had fallen apart and I wasn’t in the position to kick start something new. Here’s where everything went wrong. I made a holiday gift guide and I made some money off it. Pretty immediately there after I started modeling and micro influencing on the side. Next thing you know I am doing hair and makeup and I have got blog deadlines and it stopped bringing me joy.

Work doesn’t bring 99% of the world joy. If you have a job you love most of the time, consider yourself extremely lucky. But here’s why mine took up residence in the wrong part of my brain, the more hurt I dive into, the more real I get about my struggles with the pandemic world, the bigger my numbers. That was problematic, with a capital P and that rhymes with P and that stands for pool. Oh we got trouble, right here in River City. Sorry Music Man derail. Back to my P, pain.

Pain was resonating with people. The struggle is real for everyone. Things have gotten better but it was my blog on trusting your neighbors that kind of sent me spinning. Listen, I can do doom and gloom and apparently that’s what the people want, but it’s not good for me and it might not be good for you. I decided to take some time and soul search. I kept up with Like to Know It, which is where my main cash source was anyway, but I stopped blogging cold turkey.

While soul searching an opportunity arose. I saw an advertisement for a job opening with a travel agency. On a whim I applied. I talked to the interviewer for a long time about my travel experience and passion and it felt like such a good fit to help other people book and plan trips. I am in the process of training and becoming certified so I’ll leave the specifics out for now, but I wanted to hop on and give you an update. Starting this week, my blog will become active again. I will be posting once a week about my passions from the lens of travel. I’m not abandoning food and drink or fashion, but it will be part of my adventures as a world traveler.

I hope you’ll stick with me on my new adventure and you can read my old blogs on travel here.



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