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In a Far Away Galaxy: An Adventure at Batuu

I am coming out swinging here…Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge is the greatest theme park experience I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, Harry Potter World is cool. The Hogwarts line and ride is one of my all time favorites, and the wands are cool, but Universal really gets you by splitting it into two parks. Let’s not get into a tit for tat, let’s just talk about how Disney brought it hard!

Pat and I were at Disney in September but we vowed we would not step one food into Galaxy's Edge so we would all get to experience it at the same time when Scarlett was able to go. I am glad we waited because we left with even more excitement having seen the gateway. You step through that arch and you are transported on to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. You’ll find a marketplace, food stands, a restaurant and a bar. You can build a droid and a lightsaber. You can fly the Millenium Falcon and join the resistance. The food is good, the drinks are strong and the marketplace is loud. It’s everything you want from an outpost on a distant planet. I don’t want to overly spoil things for you so I’ll give some general reviews with a few pictures.


Ronto’s Roasters is the best quick service breakfast joint on property anywhere in my opinion. The Ronto’s wrap is really tasty and the oatmeal is very fun. As a side note, all quick service places in Batuu have mobile ordering.

I got the green milk with tequila and Scarlett got the blue. I know everyone prefers the blue but we liked them both.

I will not spoil too much of Oga’s Canteen by posting a bunch of pictures of the bar but I will show you a few of the cool drinks. I highly recommend the fuzzy taunton, which will make your mouth tingle. Scarlett liked the drinks with dry ice that fogged over the cup. You should know that most tables are standing only and unless you are a party of six you will likely be sharing. This made Scarlett very uncomfortable and the cast members quickly moved us to a booth we shared with another family with a divider up. You should eat before you come, unless you're a really adventurous eater you won't like the two snacks they offer there.


Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run literally has a life size spaceship outside of it. It’s so cool! Chewbacca walks around the perimeter. The ride itself I have a mixed review of. There are two pilots, two engineers, and two gunners. I highly suggest you tell them you want to be pilots or gunners. As the engineer I pushed two buttons. It’s the pilots who control the experience, as gunners, Pat and Scarlett could not hit their targets because the teenage girl piloting could not hold the ship steady to save their lives. That also made the experience very choppy for all riders.

I am not going to tell you anything about Rise of the Resistance, other than it’s an experience you should have at least once in your life. I do not want to spoil any of it. It is worth waiting for at least once, but you’re better off rope dropping or buying the lighting lane pass.


I was not present at Droid Depot, but Pat and Scarlett assure me that the experience was very fun. Here’s a picture of her assembling it. We did get to hold lightsabers for a photo op and now they both want to build one next time. We saved money by bringing this cool clear backpack to carry R2-B0 (that’s what she named him).


This marketplace was modeled after Turkish bazaars and it feels so real. Here you can buy all sorts of souvenirs and the famous flavored popcorn and coke bottles. Scarlett got herself a baby Porg.

If you're dying to have this experience, connect with me on Facebook at Magical Vacation Planner by Amanda Brooks.

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