Isn't She Lovely: Shopping at Sephora

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First, it could be isn't he lovely? That just didn't fit as well in my title, apologies. Second, my husband discovered tonight that my daughter still wanted him to take her to Sephora to shop for me. He was less then thrilled, as the mall is probably starting to be more crowded and less Covid friendly so I am putting together a few recommendations, I'd love to see in my stocking and maybe in yours!


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Jo Malone Perfume Collection

This might actually be on both Scarlett and Pat's lists for me. I got a wood sage & sea salt scent deluxe sample and I wear it almost every day. I'm dying to try more. The whole set is kind of pricey so other options I would love to try the pair of wood sage with the English pear & freesia. Or this set that has peony & blush suede.

Replica Coffee Break Perfume

Scarlett loves to give me perfume so I prefer a smaller size because she gives me one on every holiday. This scent might as well be called Mandie's Fuel, with almond and lavender scents. Beach Walk maybe one of my all time favorites but only in the summer. Lazy Sunday Morning (cedar wood and rose scented) or Whispers in the Library (warm and spicy) seems like it might winter scents that I'd like as well. You may be more floral and like the Flower Market.

Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb Perfume Set

For you floral folks, Viktor and Rolf know what they're doing.


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Ilia Skin Serum Skin Tint

With my summer glow all winter I need a dewy skin tint with mineral SPF. Pssst...if this is for me I'd like the Kokkini. Um, Mandie if it's not for you? Keep the receipt but ask yourself is your gift receiver fair, light, medium, tan or dark skinned? Do they have warm or cold undertones, so more gold or yellow, or do they have more of a blue purple tint to their complexion, another possibility is olive or greens (this is Scarlett) or are they neutral (this is my mother)? Start there and then make a good guess. Sephora's return police is ace!

Charlotte Tilbury Sophisticate Look Set

Yes, this one has quite the price tag. but it's everything you need for a simple, yet put together make up look. But the real superstars are the Lipstick in Yes Honey and frankly I might prefer the Lip Liner in Iconic Nude. The brush set would be great too. It's not as good of a deal but you can just buy the lip brush.

Sephora Lashcraft

My favorite mascara is only $12. I keep going back to it no matter what else I try. I don't like the volumizer but they have a new defining one I'd like to try. I've also never tried their primer.

Sephora Sponge Set

Yes I am a die hard Beauty Blender Sponge girl but I have to admit I'd like to try this set with different curvatures and they know exactly what they're up against at Sephora.

Skin Care

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Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

You know me I go straight for the skin care isle. REN makes my favorite skin renewal toner is the. It tightens my skin and brightens it. I alternate between this and my retinol under moisturizer. Plus it has won Sephora's seal of approval that it's clean beauty, not made with simple and non toxic ingredients that would shock you to see in most of the products you wear. I had deluxe sample that's almost gone and this would be a great gift for me or anyone else who wants their skin to glisten.

Tan Luxe Face Drops

Winter is here and my bottle is almost empty. I don't want to look like Sansa Stark all winter, bring me that Dornish glow. Mix a few drops with your moisturizer.

Sephora Pearl Eye Mask

The face mask makes my face feel like silk so I'd love to try the eye version.

Sephora Rose Mask

I know nothing but that I love the smell of roses and I am all for their extract deeply moisturizing my pores.

Glam Glow Tropicalcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

I just got one over black Friday and I gave away all my similar products (cough, cough. Exfolikate cleanser. You might disagree with me. It's been known to happen). There is also no knock off substitute that holds up to their cleansing bubble mask.


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Kerastase Nutritive Shampoo

I have loved Kerastase since I was in my 20s. I was so excited when Sephora started carrying it. This is a mini of a new line I would love to try. When my hair was recovering from the deep bleaching I used the resistance mask. The fortifying mask was really helpful when my hair was shedding like crazy. The discipline blow-dry primer is great for keeping fly aways at bay. My sister uses the color-treated shampoo. For us fake blondes the anti-brass mask can be great but use sparingly! I would also love to try the elixir all time shampoo barbecue I use the elixir all time serum after every shower.

Ouai Wave Spray

This stuff really works, but I linked the trail side because everyone's hair is different. If you're a guy or gal, who can wash and go but need a little help, your carriage has arrived. Me I am more of a curl it or top knot. Here's the full size.

Ouai Leave-In Conditioner

The best detangler ever! First thing that goes in my hair after a shower or if I can't shower immediately after the pool or ocean.

Dry Bar Brushes

Here's the paddle, and the lemon drop (regular brush) the You'll need the clips for fancy curling or drying long or thick hair. They also make my favorite heated hair straightening brush.

T3 Curling Iron or Wand

I love love love the tapered wand. It's 1.25" to 1" and I wish they'd make a smaller one too! Here is the 1" curling wand for shorter hair and the 1.25" curling iron for longer hair. Hit my ITV channel for directions on how to use them.

**Gift Card**

Nothing to say here. Let your makeup lover pick for themselves especially if you're clueless.

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