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Jusqu'à ce que je te revoie à Paris: Paris Part 4

Some call Paris the city of love, la ville de l'amour. Remember Clemente, our secret food tour guide? I have mentioned several times because he complimented my clothes. He told us Paris is truly the city of love. You can sit on a park bench for hours kissing and no one would think twice. The closeness of cafe seating, the romantic lighting and music, it’s a great place to go with someone you love. It’s also a great place to go and fall in love, not with Clemente or Fredrick, but with Paris.

Emily in Paris is a mediocre show that is about a young woman oblivious to the people and traditions of France. The show runners would have you believe she’s falling in love with Paris but she’s really falling in love with the exploration of being young, beautiful and someplace exciting. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I really wish they had been more transparent about that. New York is often referred to as the 5th character in Sex in the City. Paris is merely the backdrop for her own self exploration. It’s the new coming of age show, not what it’s like to live in or love Paris.

Pat and I didn’t sit on a bench kissing for hours or put a lock on the Love Lock Bridge. But what we did is fall in love again over a beautiful city, with wonderful food and drink, museums, churches, shops, but mostly people and an ideology that I aspire to: enjoy life. It’s hard to do that sometimes back home. There are so many demands on our time, most of which I signed up for. There are children, and parents, and friends, all demanding my time. Time I want to give them. I put Paris on a pedestal but what I really love about the City of Love is that it is the city I love to escape to with the person I love.

What’s left for me to cover on Paris, is my next’s trip itinerary and my wardrobe. Neither can I do now because this pandemic just doesn’t have an end date yet. We will get into the Musee D’Orsey and I will put my earbuds in and stand in front of Van Gogh listening to Chances. If you don’t get that reference you should reevaluate your tv watching habits. I know my life would be incomplete if I don’t get back to Joseph Desruets. I really want to be in Burges. I really really want to stroll my favorite streets, eat at my already favorite cafes, shop in our already favorite markets, possibly find some new ones. Oh and buy Chanel shoes in Paris or Balmain. To be honest I am more Balmain. Or, maybe an obscenely odd or tiny bag from Louis Vuietton, that only makes sense to Parisians. And those of us pretending we're as cool as Parisians.

I can tell you at the top of my list is a private and fancy photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, just me and Pat. This is not on the top of his list but it will be by the time we are actually able to get out of here and be alone. I always thought this was going to be my gift to Scarlett for her 16th birthday. If you’ve met Scarlett you will know that probably isn’t a gift she wants. I'm thinking ComiCon and a custom Fortnite cosplay instead. Me on the other hand, I live to get dressed up and have my picture taken. I remember every outfit I have ever worn. I want to remember wearing the most beautiful dress, in the most beautiful city, with the most beautiful man.

He doesn’t enjoy being on the other side of the camera or how long he has to hold his smile in order to get the right shot of me. But when we come out on the other side of the 2020 and beyond covid madness, I will remember that we survived it together. I want Scarlett to be able to hug her teammates and see her cousins. I’d like us all to go back to work normally, although having a better appreciation for family time. I really, really I want to escape to the city I love with the man I love and I want that memorialized.

I am going to leave this post quite short and turn the table on you. Tell me where the most romantic place in the world is for you, and why? If you could run away, and still be a responsible adult as you go about it, where would you run? Who would you run with? How would you make it memorable?

Jusqu'à ce que je te revoie à Paris, je t'aimerai chez moi et j'aurai envie d'aller dans la ville de l'amour avec toi.

Photo by christian buehner on Unsplash

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