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Mind Over Platter: Cocktail Edition

Sure, actual meals might be a more useful edition to some people, but I love cocktails and these are tried and true favorites of mine. Most are pretty simple and significantly less calories then their inspiration. That said, they still have calories and you shouldn't drink them like they're going out of style. My pictures aren't as pretty because we're cutting back on garnishes and liquor filled with colorful ingredients that are full of sugar. Read on and give some of my favorite drinks a try. At the end I'll link to the bar ware I used.

Lite Screwdriver

2 oz vodka

1 TBS frozen OJ concentrate

½ can of orange seltzer

Stir ingredients over ice.

Gin Rickey

2 oz gin

Splash of simple syrup

½ can of lime seltzer

½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice

Stir ingredients over ice.

Lite Sea Breeze

1 1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz cranberry juice no sugar added too off of grapefruit seltzer

1 oz of fresh squeezed grapefruit

1 oz of fresh squeezed lime juice

Stir ingredients over ice.

Skinny Margarita

2 oz white tequila

1 oz of fresh squeezed oj (if you use bottled make sure there's no added sugar)

1 ½ oz of fresh squeezed lime juice

½ oz agave syrup

Shaken and served over ice.

Peach Spritzer

1 ½ oz peach vodka poured over ice.

Top glass off with peach seltzer (I like this one).

Add two slices of frozen peaches.

Highball Glasses | Lowball Glasses | Margarita Glasses | Wine Glass | Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

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