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Most Important Meal of the Day: Brunch at Disney

What Millennial doesn't like brunch? Actually who are these people who don’t like breakfast foods at all??? We did three different brunches during our most recent trip and here’s my review.


This restaurant is at the very top of Disney's newest resort Riviera. We have never done a character meal before so this was a fun experience. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy were there and while it was a modified meet and greet it was still fun. Some of the characters stopped and posed for pictures and others just waved as they went by. Even though he's not pictured we did see Mickey but I couldn't get a decent picture without a bunch of people in it. Donald was awesome, he really interacted with Scarlett. Topolinos has floor to ceiling windows and have great views but makes photos hard to take. Keep reading for the food review.

The food was excellent. Here are pictures and our reviews.

The bread service was ok, we each got a cute little assortment of breakfast goodies with three sauces. Two jams and a hazelnut or chocolate spread. I am not entirely sure. 7/10

This was hands down the best mimosa I have ever had. It's made with actual champagne and it really made a difference. 10/10

Pat got a Manhattan that he really loved and it had a cool restaurant logo stamped in the ice. 10/10

The sour cream waffles were amazing! I wish we knew you could get a few extras for free because they were amazing! 10/10

Pat loved his quiche, he'd give it a 10/10 but I thought it was too rich.

We're grateful the waiter looked the other way and brought Scarlett a kids waffles (at 10 Disney considers you an adult). Chocolate, syrup and raspberry compote as dipping sauce for waffles on a stick. Again, we could have asked for more of these waffles too. They were perfect and the presentation was so fun. 10/10

Ale & Compass

This restaurant is so beautiful and located at the Yacht Club Resort. It is a little dark for brunch but the food was good and I really liked their coffee. The mimosa was a little lackluster after the Topolinos one. Pat had an Irish coffee he enjoyed. Here are the pictures and food reviews.

Chocolate waffles. I don't want chocolate in my breakfast food but Pat thought they were fun and tasty. 8/10

Scarlett had apple cinnamon french toast. I thought it was only ok. They used thin bread which was disappointing, but the bacon was cooked perfectly. 6/10

I had blueberry bacon pancakes and I really enjoyed them. A little weird but they were soft and fluffy.


This Polynesian resort restaurant used to be one of the hottest character breakfasts around but it currently has no characters and is a little cheaper. The food was good, some of it great, and they will bring you as many skillets as you like. We did ask for more of the bread service which never showed up unfortunately because it was the best part! We also would have been willing to pay for the good coffee had it been offered to us but we didn't know it existed till the table next to us got the french press. Have a look at the pictures and reviews.

The pineapple coconut bread with butter (I didn't think it needed any) was actually scrumptious. The POG (pineapple, orange, guava) juice was really very good, but I didn't get the mimosa made with it because I had it a few years ago at Boma and it isn't worth the cost. The fruit was ripe and tasty but it is just fruit. 7/10

I have to confess I ate a lot more mickey waffles than I expected. They were cooked perfectly! The potatoes and sausage were delicious and the rest of it was just fine. The pineapple ham did not live up to its reputation in my opinion. We did order another skillet and I wish you could just get individual items because so much went to waste for us to get more sausage and potatoes. 8/10

I like to try as many new restaurants as I can when I am at Disney so I can make the best recommendations to my clients. Just this morning a client texted me asking for restaurant recommendation last minute so I checked what was available on line and was able to help her narrow down her choices with my past experience. If you want this kind of service email me at or find me on facebook at Magical Vacation Planner by Amanda Brooks.

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