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Off the Beaten Path: Disney Restaurants You Didn't Even Know Existed

I strive to bring you the best recommendations for your Disney World vacation. Some people go for the rides, some for the characters and shows, and like us, some of us go for the food. On our most recent trip we ate at two restaurants that I had never even heard of before I started planning for it. We ventured over into Walt Disney's Dolphin Resort to eat at Todd English's bluezoo and the Swan Reserve to eat at Amrae. Here is my review.

First, the Swan Reserve is stunningly beautiful. As the newest resort on property, the Swan Reserve has the most updated designs and luxuries. While owned by Marriott it has almost all the perks of Disney resorts. I would absolutely stay here and I can book you a trip to do Disney in luxury too. Moving on to Amare. This is the best meal I have ever had at Disney World. Yes you read that right. Topolinos Brunch was lovely, really lovely, but this place had cuisine was a step above the rest. I give it a 10/10.

Amare has an impressive wine list and they have multiple flights. I did sparkling wines of the Mediterranean and Pat did reds. We enjoyed this with their excellent sesame bread and hummus.

Pat had the Seabass Al Cartoccio, steamed in parchment paper, he described this sea bass as one of the most flavorful fish dishes he has ever eaten. It was also a very generous portion.

I also had an extremely refined flavorful dish of lamb dumplings with sauces I wouldn't eat under other circumstances but they just nailed the flavor combinations it was spectacular.

Scarlett had a pizza that she loved. Simple but well done.

Todd English's bluezoo was an absolutely beautiful restaurant, the cover photo is from one of their chandeliers. It's an easy walk from the EPCOT international gateway, Boardwalk Inn, Yacht and Beach Club. I should mention that both of these resquarts warrant dressing up a bit. We didn't see them eject the parties that were wearing shorts but hey stood out like a sore thumb. The food was quite good but I am not convinced it lived up to its price tag. 8/10

To start we had cocktails and the sourdough bread service. Pat had an Old Fashioned that he described as mediocre, which I did not get a picture of. I had an orange Manhattan that was literally on fire. I enjoyed it and it was fun to watch the waiter struggle to safely light up the caramelized orange.

Scarlett and I had the butlers steak which they nicely split up for us giving us generous portions of the black bean sauce. It melted like butter but we could have each had our own. It's tricky at restaurants to know what to get Scarlett. She generally doesn't do the kids menu mac & cheese or chicken fingers and she usually won't eat a whole adult portion by herself so paying $40 for her to have an etree that she will eat a quarter of doesn't really make sense. We destroyed this steak and got a side of delicious brussel sprouts to share.m

Pat had the fish of the night and I am not sure which fish it was but he thought it was good but not $40 good. He did really love the seasonal veggies.

I think both restaurants are worth trying once if you're a foodie. We will definitely be eating in Amare again. If you want more personalized restaurant recommendations you can always hire me to be your travel advisor. Reach out to me on Facebook at Magical Vacation Planner by Amanda Brooks or email me at

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