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Pop Century: The Time of Our Lives at a Disney Value Resort

See what I did there? Pop Century is a resort that is themed with highlights from pop culture from the 1950s to the 1990s. We chose this resort because we were under the impression that it was one of the three resorts that ran a bus to and from the ESPN Wide World of Sports. Not so fun fact, those buses haven't run since COVID. We and the other soccer families staying there had to fight for uber/lyfts at the last minute when we discovered this information. That said, we had a far out time from our room in the 1960s building. Is "far out" slang from the 60s? It feels like it is so I am going with it.

This was my first time in a value resort and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with some really great perks of this resort. There were some things we sacrificed from our usual deluxe stays but in this case the good outweighed the bad. Let me give you the low down on this resort! Seriously though, I can do this slang thing all day. The 1960s building are the preferred buildings they are on either side of the hippie dippy pool. You read that correctly. The pool is shaped like a flower and has flowers that spray very cold water, according to Scarlett, into a slightly warmer pool. It's a large pool with a fair bit of seating, however, we found it difficult to get a chair given that people would put towels down on 8 chairs at a time despite no one sitting in any of them. This is very annoying to me because I don't get in and actually want to sit in my chair. There is no food in the pool area, which is probably for the best and several tables just outside for people to enjoy their snacks and drinks from petals bar.

If the 60s buildings are to the left and right of the pool the lobby/dining/arcade/shop/bus stops are in front and the entrance to the skyliner hub is behind. This makes those preferred rooms really dope. I just can't help myself. First Everything Pop, which is the quick service cafeteria style dining and the little shop. The dining is so efficient. They move so quickly and had so many registers open. It was much faster than any deluxe or moderate I have ever stayed in. This was imperative with 9:00 AM games. Those Mickey waffles did the trick every morning. Pro tip: you can ask for Mickey waffles and just bacon, skipping the sausage. Pat had the breakfast platter that came with eggs, potatoes, bacon sausage and only one Mickey Waffle. Absurd I say! We only ate dinner at Pop once but we had the chicken tenders as snacks on a few occasions and Walt's favorite chili in a bread bowl was so yummy and you know I am a chili connoisseur. The infamous tie dye cheesecake was fun, but nothing to write home about. There were so many drink stations, we never had to wait long for our coffee our vitamin water. After all my packing craziness with Gatorade, I forgot that Disney has Powerade at the resorts. Doh!

On to the skyliner. This, besides walking, is my preferred method of Disney transportation. Move over monorail, I want to take the most magical ride on Earth. Or at least that's what the skyliner calls itself. Scarlett wishes it talked less, especially at night. Is the skyliner faster than a bus? From the point I walk out of my room to the point that I walk into Hollywood Studios or EPCOT (where the skyliner goes), no it's about the same. Especially not in the morning. The line is obscene in the morning due to sharing the same hub with Art of Animation. But it moves, the whole time you are walking, you're likely to get your own gondola or share with another small family. Most importantly, it's not a bus. It's peaceful and serene. Sometimes you get views of highways but sometimes you get to look down on the various lakes and resorts. Scarlett brought back a skyliner toy and I regret not buying that christmas ornament.

Last, let's talk about our room. I have posted room tours on TikTok (@Mandiestravels) and Instagram (@MandiesTravels). We loved the trundle bed that turned into a table. Pat and I both had to work while we were down there and it allowed us to eat breakfast in our room every morning. The bed under that table was surprisingly comfortable. All of our suitcases fit under the other bed. We really didn't feel like it was a lot less space then a deluxe or moderate with two queens. The bathroom is where you see the difference. It was considerably smaller. We struggled to all get ready in the morning. The fan in the toilet/shower part of the bathroom only came on occasionally so you really couldn't keep that door closed. We definitely has room service less at Pop then we did when we were at BoardwalkInn in December. In theory they are doing trash and towels every few days but it was more frequent at BoardwalkInn for sure. I had to go to the desk and ask for clean towels, which they quickly brought me. They also didn't have all the little toiletries beyond soap, which Pat did not approve of.

Value resorts are all external entrance and have no balconies. We don't mind the outside entrance all though it was a little loud in the AM as we could hear all the early bird risers and mousekeeping staff and everyone else passing by. We really only use the balcony at Animal Kingdom Lodge when we are checking out the animals in the savannah. Pat and I found a table by the pool to have a drink in while Scarlett watched some Disney cartoons during her down nights. There is not table service restaurant at value resorts but you're only a skyliner ride away from Sebastian's at Caribbean Beach Resort, Topolinos at Riveria Resort or Trattoria al Forno at BoardwalkInn. All of which we enjoyed.

Over all we really enjoyed our stay. So much so that I talked Scarlett into buying me a hoodie. If value is what's in your budget do it! You won't regret staying at Pop Century. Especially if efficiency is the name of your game. Eat, play, sleep, then there may not be a great reason for you to splurge on a deluxe. Regardless you should consult your travel advisor, ideally me - wink wink, on what works best for your family. You can find me on Facebook or email me at and we'll plan you, you're perfect Disney vacation.

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