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Quantity of Time vs Quality of Time: Pandemic Date Nights at Home Part 2

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Raise your hand if this is the most time you’ve spent with your significant other in who knows how long. Maybe ever. But quantity of time is not the same thing as quality of time. Especially with kids who are distance learning and have too much homework. Or working at night because you’re taking shifts watching said distance learning kids. Or simply because you’re on over load trying to work during this terrible pandemic.

How do we get that quality of time? A few months ago I posted a list of really fun pandemic date night ideas. But a lot of them required a lot of time and planning. While I think a real date with time and planning are important, I wanted to give you some ideas that are a little easier to do on the fly. These maybe aren’t as exciting but they’re ways to spend time together without the pomp and circumstance of an escape the room night. Yes, there will be some TV involved. But as Valentine's Day approaches, hopefully, you'll find something fun.

Sushi and Karate

Order out from your favorite sushi joint. I suggest rolls that you can share, that require corporation and interaction between you and your significant other. While you enjoy your dinner watch an appropriately themed movie or tv show. If you haven't watched Cobra Kai that's a great place to start. Of course there are also the three original movies, plus the Jaden Smith remake. These are fun and light hearted and should get to you laughing and relaxing. Here's a great sushi serving set.

Baristas in the Making

We're major coffee lovers in this house. We do pour over, french press, espresso, and lattes. If you love coffee too, maybe now is the time to step up your barista game. Try working on latte art with this beginner's video. Or learn how to pull the perfect shot of espresso with this video. YouTube has dozens of videos to help you become an expert. Remember this isn't a hobby you're picking up solo, it's an activity you're enjoying together. Learn to make each other's perfect cup of coffee. We love Valhalla Coffee and own these espresso cups.

High Tea and Murder Mystery

Bare with me. Start by setting up you're own little tea party. You probably don't have time to go this far but this website has a good summary of what you might experience at afternoon tea in England. You don't have to bake, you can definitely buy. I wouldn't leave out the optional bubbly. Get my recommendations here. Now hit up your favorite streaming service and find a good Agatha Christie murder mystery to watch while enjoying your tea and scones. Here's a link of where to find which movies are on the service you subscribe to. You certainly don't need a special tea service but if you want one here's a modern white set. This one is more traditional, with it's own storage caddy. Here is a modern tiered serving set and a more traditional set. These are my favorite champagne glasses. Don't forget the tea. I have this Twinings set that I use frequently.

Infusing and Boozing

If you're like us you've got an hour after bed most days. If you spend a little time on the weekend this could set you up for quite a few nights of having fun together. If you've never infused liquor, you need to Pintrest and see all the possibilities. My favorites are Earl Grey tea in vodka, strawberry basil in vodka, bacon and peppers in vodka, strawberry and rhubarb in gin, and pineapple and jalapeno in tequila. You need some mason jars and a strainer. Once you've infused your alcohol, you can get creative making and tasting cocktails and see who's the best mixologist. Here are some martini glasses, lowballs, and highballs to help you out. Don't forget to get Bada Bing cherries or my favorite Luxardo cherries.

Wine and Cheese Hour

You don't have to do a full blown tasting to have fun with a mini charcuterie board and a good bottle of wine. I'd recommend an easy drinking Spanish red like Bodegas Raul Perez Ultreia St. Jacques 2018, or splurge on a Far Niente Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, Nicolas Feuillatte Reserve Exclusive Brut for an inexpensive champagne, or a unique South African white Tania et Vincent Careme Terre Brulee Chenin Blanc 2019. All of these are in stock at and you can get $30 off with this link. My favorite pairings are Manchego and Camembert, dried figs, cured salami, water crackers, and candied pecans.

Gin Rummy

Who else grew up playing this game? It's two players and quickish. Grab a deck of cards and of course a gin and tonic (lower your calories by doing Gin Rickey). You could try a Tom Collins or a Gin Fizz. Of course you can drink whatever else you want, but there is purpose in a theme. It takes more thought and effort resulting in a more focused, date like experience. If you're looking for more cocktail ideas (not just gin related), I love my Gone with the Gin book. You can also read my post on my favorite winter cocktails here.

Smores and Stories

Did you know you don't have to be under 10 to like smores? Whether or not you have kids this is an activity that just you and your love can participate. But we can't just go out and do smores. No, I am going to bring back childhood and suggest you tell stories around your campfire. Like the ones that made you too scared to sleep, or jokes that had you laughing for days. Don't remember them? Google has you covered. Ideally you look them up in advanced. Need a fire pit or smores skewers? I got you covered.

Spa Me Up

This one may be harder to sell on some men on but realistically they need pedicures more then we do. I'd actually start with a joint yoga session like this Relaxation Yoga with Adrienne. Perhaps you need pedicures with a foot bath and lavender soak. This set has a bubble bath too if your bathtub is big enough for two. You Try a hot stone massage with a lavender oil. Of course a traditional mud mask may be in order too. if your partner won't agree to this try trading him or her control of the next date night.

Taco Twosday

Yes, I went there. Have yourself a taco-off. Create your own taco recipes and taste them to pick the best. This can definitely turn into a family night as it's dinner orientated, but the combination of competing and being in the same space will create harmonious chaos. Of course a margarita will be the perfect way to set this up as a great date (and not just cooking dinner). Remember our pineapple and jalapeno infused tequila. What a margarita that makes. Taco holders might help and here's some margarita mix, if you don't feel like creating a recipe to go with your flavors. Or grab a Mexican cola pack. Check out these margarita glasses you can chill in the freezer or you can always go old fashioned with a cactus stem.

The Great Pandemic Bake Off

Doesn't matter if you can bake or not, this is as much of a date for competitive couples as it is a date for foodies. Between Master Chef, Chopped, and of course The Great British Baking Show this is a fun adventure. You and your significant other pick a recipe and see who's turned out better. You can find lots of ways to judge. Watch one of the shows I mentioned in order to get some guideline ideas. Be competitive, but remember you love each other and the goal is to have fun. You probably need a flour sifter, baking pans (these are 5 star rated with over 2,000 reviews), measuring cup or nesting measuring cups with measuring spoons, wooden spoons, aluminum foil (did you know you get on this on Amazon and even have a subscription so you never run out).

Hopefully there are some date ideas here that you can get on board with when you're not prepared or willing to do some of the more challenging ideas in the first post. Spending time with your significance other that is designated as special is so important. Go on a date. Get creative. Have fun. If you have any idea please share them.

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