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If it hasn’t been clear to you yet, my family loves to travel. The pandemic has taken many things but we’ve acutely felt the loss of our favorite past time. During the pandemic we’ve lost two trips to Disney, two trips to Willamsburg, a trip to Paris, a trip to Philadelphia and a trip to New York City. Not that long ago I wrote about the difference between wanderlust and experience lust. I don’t have the desire to just pick up and go somewhere but I want to have our beloved experiences. I want to take Scarlett to new places and spend time with Pat in the most romantic city in the world. But while all travel plans remain on hold, I continue to plan.

As an avid traveler, there are certain travel items I can’t live without and I thought I’d take the time to share them with you as those who are traveling prepare for your summer vacations. Or people like me who just want to be ready to go the second they feel it’s safe. From organization to fashion, here are my must haves.

Packing Essentials

Hardshell Suitcases | Packing Cubes | Carry-On Packing Cubes

Tote Bag | Tote Bag Organizer | TSA Approved Liquid Bag | Laptop Sleeve

Travel Toiletry Bag | Travel Jewelry Bag

Silicone Travel Bottles | Silicone Decanting Jars | Pill Bags

We love our hardshell suitcases because they’re more durable, easier to unpack and have more packing abilities. They work really well with packing cubes that keep your stuff organized. I almost always travel with a Longchamp tote as my second carry-on and it’s so useful to have an organizer inside it. I love silicone travel bottles for the liquids you need most like shampoo and conditioner. For make up, moisturizer and liquids you use less of, decanting jars are the way to go. I always pack the things I most need (like my make-up) in my carry-on which means having a TSA approved liquid bag. The ones I have linked are box shaped and hold a lot more than your average ziplock bag. Finally to cut down on size I put my daily pills in disposable bags rather than bringing those bulky vitamin bottles. Of course I need a larger toiletry hanging bag and I love my matching jewelry organizer.

Travel Accessories

International Adapter | Portable Charger | Travel Wallet

Travel Steamer | Travel Curling Iron | Travel Straight Iron | Travel Hairdryer

Wine Sleeves | Collapsible Water Bottle

Do not, I repeat, do not try to use a voltage convertor. It will destroy you electronics. Instead, use international adapters with dual voltage tools. We often will use the adapter to charge our portable battery packs and then use those to charge other devices. We carry enough juice around to charge each of our phones twice. The Anker chargers are heavy but worth it. Don’t forget the correct adapter as they are USB. This is my absolute favorite travel steamer. I know it looks dinky, but for someone who does not pack anti wrinkle clothing, this is a must for me. We never leave home without a wine sleeve, whether we’re filling them with rum in the Caribbean or wine in France.

Travel Fashion

Anti-Theft Fashion Backpack | Nylon Backpack | Anti-Theft Backpack

Cashmere Wrap | Cardigan | Soft Leggings | Packable Raincoat | Packable Puffer Coat

Men’s Packable Raincoat | Men’s Packable Puffer Coat

Waterproof Booties | Leather Sneakers

Men’s Waterproof Boot | Men’s Leather Sneaker

I never leave home without a little backpack to carry on my daily adventures, rather than toting around a heavy purse. When I am going somewhere known for pickpockets I always have my Rebecca Minkoff Julian, because it has a pocket on the back for my valuables and a zipper and a clip. Plus it’s extremely fashionable. At places that I don’t need anti-theft features and don’t want to carry a nice leather backpack, I go with a Longchamp waterproof backpack. My husband has an anti-theft backpack that opens on his back to keep his camera in safely.

I always travel in a cardigan, soft leggings and comfortable tennis shoes that I can wear in style on my trip as well as on the flight. My favorites are Ecco 7s in black or white. I also take Blondo waterproof booties any time I need a dressier look. A packable raincoat is a must all year long but you may need a packable puffer coat if you travel in the winter. For more styling advice and smart packing your clothes, check out my post on capsule wardrobe.

I hope this was helpful to all of you who are primed and ready to travel! As always, spam me with any questions you might have. Bon voyage!

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