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Walt Disney World Resort Trip Review: Restaurants We Visited

It's not secret that food is one of the main things that draws us to Disney. There's no shortage of snacks, drinks and fine dining to be found. We ate at a handful of places, some new to us and some not, that I wanted to share with you. I am leaving out California Grill which was an amazing experience and the food fantastic but they have just changed the menu to pre-fix so my review is fairly useless. Bon Appetit!

Wine Bar George

This is where we started our trip out at Disney Springs. Wine Bar George is owned by Master Sommelier George Miliotes and the wine list is rather impressive. We had the short rib, a red and a white. This is what I wrote in my food log: Short Rib best mashed potatoes I've ever had and the gravy was perfection. La Cana Rias Baixas, Spain Albarino: crisp, effervescent, mineral dryness "lively." Albert Ponnelle, Bourgogne Pinot Noir: dark fruit, subtle sweetness, rich tannins "very drinkable". The dish was very shareable and we appreciated the server letting us know that or we would have ordered two pricey entrees and wasted a lot of food. We were really looking forward to trying wine we can't necessarily get at home and were not disappointed. The wine was priced as I would expect from an upscale wine bar.

Overall it was a great experience. Would I do it again? Possibly. The problem with Disney is that there are so many great options, especially at Disney Springs. I recommend this restaurant for a great date night but it's not the be all and end all.

Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar

We wanted to bar hop a bit and there were seats at this bar so we grabbed some cocktails. They were a little lackluster but definitely drinkable. We had the the Bitter Bar Keep and the Mayor's Reserve. The Mayor's was a bourbon based drink and our favorite of the two.

Jungle Navigation Co Skipper Canteen

In retrospect it was a mistake to come here. Not because the food is bad but because we were full from food and wine. We've eaten here before and I maintain the sentiment that it's by far the best table service restaurant in Magic Kingdom. I knew about the "secret" bread service and really wanted to try it. The cheesy bread balls lived up to the hype. We also had pork satay skewers with lettuce wraps and frankly it was only ok. If there had been more sauce on the actual pork they would have been excellent, but as they were it was hard to get the perfect bite. We had a mediocre sav blanc from South Africa and a pretty good brown ale.

Sat'uli Canteen

This is our favorite quick service anywhere in Disney World. We had the roast beef bowl with rice and beans, vinaigrette, and slaw. Absolutely lovely. property. The sangria is boozy grapes are an afterthought and it was only ok. The green beer was not a bad pale ale. The cheesecake has cake on the bottom not gram cracker and I wish it did but the mousse on top is lovely. The raspberry sauce accompening it is excellent. The yellow dome on top is a nice lemon curd.


Huge mistake to try to eat at Sat'uli and Sanaa. We only managed to eat the bread service. But if you're only eating one thing at Sanaa it should be this fabulous mix of flat breads with an array of sauces. So good!

Baseline Tap House

We had to try the beer and pretzel. It was just beer and a big pretzel. Not much else to say.

Enchanted Rose

While I was sad my pool afternoon got ruined, I was happy to check out this chic bar in the Grand Floridian. We had four cocktails. The French Rose was a gin martini with a sweet side and quite good. The London Fog was gin and egg whites with lavender and Earl Gray notes. It was really great. Aura in Me was a gin cocktail with spices and honey, by far the best drink. Finally we had the Garden Daisey, a tequila cucumber and midori mix that was only ok. They do not serve food before 4 pm so we only drank. Cheers.

Le Petite Cafe

We hit this little cafe in Rivera as a stop along the skyliner. I fully intend to bar hop the whole skyliner at some point. I wasn't as impressed with these Madeleines after the rave review I had seen. That said the mimosas were quite tasty.

San Angel Inn

We only went here because it looked cool. I have never read any great reviews and we were shocked to find out how good this sleeper restaurant was. We shared the enchiladas, forgive the pictures, we had already dove into the food before I remembered you guys would want to see. but the star of the show is the spicy salsa. They bring you a verde base and you can add as much serono sauce as you can handle. Delicious! We also got Margaritas to go, woohoo!

Aloha Isle

Of course the traditional pineapple dole whip is amazing but I need to give a shout out to the Kakamora Float at Aloha Isle. It's coconut dole whip with pineapple juice and blue curacao. Plus the best cake pop I have ever had. A must try!

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