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Walt Disney World Trip Review: Food & Wine

Are you ready to drool? I am going to post photos and reviews of everything we ate at the Food & Wine Festival. Hold onto your hats, or your stomach as the case may be, because here we go.

First stop was Lobster Landing. It was quite warm so we skipped the dip everyone is raving about and had the lobster tail with lobster bisque as a sauce. It was quite tasty, though nothing to really write home about. The beer was refreshing but nothing exciting. The star here was the sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, that while a tad sweet for my individual taste it was perfect on this hot day and paired with the saltiness of the bisque. It was the only item I ordered twice. 8/10

Next we stopped at Flames From Fire. We chose the loaded chips with a cheese sauce, corned beef and cheese curds. This was our favorite dish from the whole festival. Packed with flavor. The cheese curds seemed like an afterthought but overall it was scrumptious. The beer was not worth noting, but worth drinking. 10/10

We followed up that amazing dish with another stop on Emile's Fromage Crawl but immediately lost our book with the stamps after this and decided that was for the best, we didn't really need all that cheese. The Hawaii booth had a lot of pork dishes that didn't really appeal to Pat but we had to get the cheesecake prior to losing the stamp book (put it in a real pocket folks). It was ok. The passion fruit topping was lovely but as you can see there isn't very much of it. 6/10

Australia was a real hit for both of us. Pat loved the lamb chop and I, the deconstructed pavlova, which is one of my favorite desserts. The lager, tasted too much like Fosters but the Chardonnay was something worth celebrating. It was unoaked and full of tropical and spiced flavors, just the way I like it. As you can see we got quite a bit of food and drink here and it marked the end of the road for that afternoon as far as eating went. 10/10

We picked back up in the evening with France. We wanted to stop at Canada but the line was insane and I wasn't hellbent on either of the infamous dishes. Unfortunately, the line in France was even longer and they were out of Chardonnay and creme brulee. But we, unlike those before us who had been waiting for quite awhile, were kinder about the lack of options and were pixie dusted twice at this booth. The passion fruit martini slushy was delicious in my opinion. Most people thought the original flavors were superior, don't worry we tried those twice to be sure, but we were happy with the sweeter seasonal option. The mimosa would have been better if it had been colder. Finally that cheese beignet started out as the greatest thing I have ever eaten but got the better of us quickly. 8/10

I nearly forgot about Apple Orchard and that's because it was hardly memorable. EPCOT was definitely busier than anyone expected it would be that day and they ran out of one of the ciders in the flight but continued to sell them without telling people they wouldn't get all three. I patiently waited for them to bring out another keg from who knows where, it took quite some time. Unfortunately, people in front of me were less forgiving. It was a shame to see how many of our fellow humans can be so cruel to people who clearly are not at fault. Anyway we waited and it was worth it. The cider was excellent. The beer was not and the tart that's getting all the internet love, shocked us by distinctly reminiscent of a McDonald's apple pie. 5/10

On to Morocco. We ended up buying basically a whole meal here. I had heard good things about the pistachio cake and the bread service, I mean who doesn't love a good bread service right? But the kebabs sounded good and the beef we were told it had a kick to it so we threw that in. The Bread service is great. I like the mint sauce but Pat mixed harissa and hummus. Pistachio cake was fantastic not too sweet lots of flavor that paired perfectly with the fig cocktail. The beef kebab was good but not as spicy as the cast member led us to believe. Everything together made a pretty good meal. 8/10

Our last meal of the day was the griddled cheese from Greece. This lived up to the hype. We fought over every honeyed pistacho bite. I liked the Rose and don't remember the other two wines so obviously they didn't make a big splash with me. 10/10

We ended the night with a few drinks to have while watching fireworks. I had the limoncello margarita from Italy and Pat had something neither of us remember. As the picture leads you to believe it was raining at this point and getting a good picture was difficult. This was just fine. I wouldn't order it again but I was glad to try it. It's worth noting that Food & Wine isn't using paper straws. 5/10

We started day 3 or 4, who's to say really with Hops and Barley. There was a sour strawberry lime beer I liked that was full of flavor but not particularly sour. The lobster roll was fine. It was a refreshing way to start the day. 7/10

Time for Spain, surprisingly the Paella is good but a little too salty. I say surprisingly because it's a hard dish to get right in the best of conditions. The Grenache is very good. 8/10

I couldn't resist the Mac & Eats truffle mac & cheese. It was almost everything I wanted it to be, but it could have used a tad bit more bread crumbs. It was as rich as you imagine it would be. I have no idea what's in that glass, but the internet leads me to believe it's probably Chenin Blanc from Washington State. Clearly it wasn't worth remembering. 7/10

We skipped Germany because of the line and I wish we hadn't, but we did. Instead it was the Warm Raclette Swiss Cheese with Alpine Ham, Baby Potatoes, Cornichons, and Baguette from The Alps along with a Gruner Veltliner. This was just hard to eat. Good flavors, interesting wine, but overall I could have skipped this and probably should have waited in the Germany line. I liked the little pickle. 6/10

Onward we went to The Donut Box. Yeah we had that Siracha Chicken Donut. This was a once and done for me. I didn't like how sweet the donut was relative to the chicken. Pat liked it but said it was too hard to get a perfect bite and it could have been hotter. 6/10

The internet warned me about Simmering Sips overly sweet mimosas. On a side note it is hard to get drunk at food and wine because there is little alcohol in drinks like this or small pours compared to the food. I liked the blood orange well enough but the rest were unfortunate. I did wipe a little tear away from my eye when I saw the desert prize from the cheese crawl I failed to complete. You can find it here if you finish. 3/10

Once the sun set on the 3rd or 4th day, the line at Canada got small enough for me to get in. I got the cheddar cheese soup everyone calls the best, ever. It was not the best ever! it tasted like loaded baked potato soup I can get at Giant. The pretzel roll was good though. That's my story and I am sticking to it. 3/10

Jasmine Beer, ByeJoe Punch and the beef bao bun was our first meal on our last day. China definitely delivered. The dough was so good and this was by far Pat's favorite beer. 10/10

Japan came next and we knew we had to take it easy as we had lunch reservations but you can see from the picture I ignored that sensible notion. No need to get into details here, besides the sake, it was all just fine. Interesting flavors but not enough to type any more. 6/10

Last, but certainly not least was the bread service from India was interesting. We saw variations of the mint sauce all over but this one was fantastic, as was the mango salsa. The sparkling wine I simply had to taste as I have never had Indian wine. Off-dry, not my particular cup of tea but it was refreshing and would be good for someone who enjoys sweeter wines. 6/10

We missed a handful of booths. Our stomachs simply couldn't keep up. Plus there were other treats and eats around Disney we didn't want to pass up. A later post will give you those reviews. You can thank my neighbor for the rating scale as he refused to actually read and insisted on a number system.

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