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Walt Disney World Trip Review: What Did I Pack

You may or may not have seen the picture of me packing for this trip and wondered what did we need a large suitcase, a carry-on suitcase, and a travel duffle bag. Well yeah I took a lot of stuff. Bare with me here because some of it is stuff everyone needs and some of it was ears and bags that only the extra girls like me need. Here's my list with affiliate links (that means I get a small commission if you buy). Some links are the exact product and others are similar enough I feel comfortable recommending them to you.

Travel Bags

Pink Large Suitcase | Small Carry-On | Leather Duffle Bag | Mini Backpack

Packing Accessories

Liquids TSA Bag | Laptop Sleeve | Packing Cubes | Electronics Bag | Toiletries Bag | Laundry Bag

Beauty Accessories

Curling Wand Set (Dual Voltage) | Hot Hair Tools Bag | Silicone Bottles | Decanting Jars | Pill Bags Black Masks | Powder Sunscreen | Hair Coils | Travel Steamer

Park Accessories

Battery Pack | Umbrellas | Ponchos | Cooling Towels

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