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Williamsburg in the Summer: My Must Dos

I am so excited that we’re able to take our summer trip to Williamsburg. We do two trips a year; one at Christmas and one in the summer. My husband’s family is located in VA and Williamsburg is right in between them. My brother and sister in-law went to school at William and Mary and we fell so in love we go twice a year. Christmas is absolutely beautiful and I have written about it before so let’s focus on how we have fun in the summer.

There is so much to do in the Williamsburg area but let’s start with Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens, which also has parks in Tampa and owns Sea World, has two parks in Williamsburg. Busch Gardens is an amusement park with rides including some serious roller coasts. They also have country themed regions not dissimilar to EPCOT. They also have a water park called Water Country U.S.A. They’re both really fun parks with lots to do.

Normally we do both parks but we are only doing Water Country and only the wave pool and lazy river as the other rides have lines that aren’t socially distanced enough for our comfort level. Busch Gardens also has plenty to do outdoors but since Scarlett doesn’t ride the big roller coasters and many of the great shows are inside we’re passing on that this year. We rented a private cabana right by the Surf's Up wave pool so we’ll have a little hut with lounge chairs, shade and a fan all to ourselves. The Cabana also comes with a meal for each person and really gives you some space away from other visitors.

What’s great about Williamsburg is that you can buy passes that allow you access to the Busch Gardens parks but also Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. The area is rich with history and that’s a post unto itself, but it’s a really fun trip with elementary aged kids. They have the opportunity to see the places they’re learning about in school and immerse themselves into the past. Colonial Williamsburg is also filled with great restaurants and lots of shopping. My favorite restaurants are Barrett’s Grill and the Cheese Shoppe. Both restaurants have outdoor seating so we will definitely be visiting both. The Cheese Shoppe obviously has cheese but also fantastic sandwiches and a wine and beer shop in the basement. Right next door to the Cheese Shoppe is an epic candy store, so stop there for dessert.

No trip to Williamsburg is complete without a stop by the Yankee Candle Store. There aren’t a lot of great words to describe this place. It’s got mega shopping with far more than just candles. It has candy, ice cream, fudge and more yummy treats for sale at what is modeled like a little outdoor cafe, indoors of course with a giant cuckoo clock. There’s also the winter wonderland Christmas section that snows year round. Yes, it snows. Finally there’s a kids area where they can make their own candles, dip their hands in wax and more. We never miss it!

On our way out of Williamsburg we almost always hit the outlet mall. It has all the usual suspects and great deals but has the added benefit of having an Alewerks location so while Scarlett and I shop, Pat can sip on some great brews. There are quite a few local breweries and wineries. I also have my eye on a Meade tasting room right near Colonial Williamsburg that we will definitely be trying in the future.

This is such a fun summer vacation and we’re all so glad we don’t have to miss this one because of Covid. So much of Williamsburg is outside that we feel very safe visiting there with a few minor modifications to our usual trip. If you and your family want to take this trip, let me know and I will be happy to help you plan and book it!

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